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Social  Prescribing

Your Local Prescribing Service

A Social Prescriber offers one to one support, over 6-12 weeks, for people who :


  • find it difficult to follow signposting on their own and therefore need a higher level of dedicated non-clinical input to link into appropriate services 


  • have several non-medical needs that need to be addressed (often to support them to manage their Long-Term Conditions or current health care issues) 

Social Prescribers will work with the patient to identify their needs, concentrating on what matters to them, mutually agree small achievable goals, working toward positive solutions for lasting improvements.  

On behalf of the patient (and with consent) the Social Prescriber may contact the appropriate services to

co-ordinate the support needed, liaise with council departments, community-based teams, and the voluntary sector to ensure medical and social needs are being addressed by getting involved in the local community which provides improvements to the patient’s life and overall wellbeing. 


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