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Care Homes

Care Homes offering Dementia Care
Care Homes in the Marlow Area

As an independent charity we have chosen not to provide a list of Care Homes .  However please find below links to two independent websites which provide a complete listing of Care Homes in the area and around the UK. 


Paying for Care

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PayingForCare ( is a website launched in 2011 designed to help people make more informed decisions about the arrangements and funding for their long-term care. The site is equally useful for family members, friends, someone who has been granted a power of attorney or the person needing care. 

The site aims to give guidance on the complex subject of long-term care, specifically care payment, through careful, continuous research and collaboration with care fees experts and respected support organisations.

PayingForCare offers help, information and guidance about long-term care. It helps people who need regulated financial advice to make contact with specialist care fees financial advisers.

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