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Understanding Dementia

In support of dementia awareness week, we are pleased to announce we will be hosting another educational session for friends and family of people living with dementia.

To book your place visit:

or email

During this session, our expert training team will support you to understand dementia better, offering small and easy steps to make a big difference.

The 3-hour sessions are informal, and a great opportunity to meet and learn from other people in similar situations.

We actively encourage questions, which you can ask during the session or send to us beforehand.

You can expect to understand,

  • The common symptoms of dementia.

  • How dementia can affect the senses, communication and behaviour.

  • The importance of seeing the person before the condition.

  • Practical ways to connect with a person with dementia.

  • Strategies to overcome communication barriers.

  • Solutions for adapting to the environment.

  • The benefits of a connection with nature and the outdoors.

Following the session, we will send you an email with a link to the resources we mention throughout the session.

About our Trainers:

Our training team are dementia experts who have developed a huge amount of knowledge and experience over many years of delivering similar events to people with dementia - and those who live and work with them.

They are dedicated to learning from people with lived experience of the condition.

All our training is created using the latest research.

Benefits of attending:

  • 97% have an increased understanding of how to support someone with dementia.

  • 95% have more knowledge of the information and support available.

  • 92% have a more positive understanding of dementia.

  • 80% feel better equipped to cope with their situation.

  • 7 out of 10 carers feel less isolated.

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