Benefits Guide

Under Pension Age

If you are not yet receiving your State Pension, your situation is more complicated from a benefit point of view, as it depends on factors such as your National insurance contributions and whether you are in receipt of benefits already.


Personal Independence Allowance (PIP)

For many people, the Personal Independence Allowance (PIP), which is like Attendance Allowance and does not depend on your financial situation, is the one to apply for. You claim this by phoning the DWP on 0800 0800 917 to ask for a claim form.

Citizens’ Advice Bureau

0344 411 1444

It is advisable to get some help from somewhere like the Citizens’ Advice Bureau or there is a lot of information online at and

Local Citizens’ Advice Bureau (CAB) CAB have offices in High Wycombe and Henley.


The High Wycombe office have had sessions in Marlow, but all offices are presently closed due to COVID. The High Wycombe Office is 0344 245 1289 and Henley office is 08008 278 7907. There is a wealth of information about Attendance Allowance and Personal Independence Payments on the web site, as well as many other subjects. The forms are complicated, and they can be done on someone’s behalf.

CAB would offer to help complete the Attendance Allowance and Personal Independence Payment applications for you and also complete a full benefits check-up to see if you are entitled to any other benefits.