Dementia Awareness Week

Information Hub at 6 Liston Court for Dementia Awareness Week 17th - 23rd May

Here we are at the Information Hub at 6 Liston Court, Marlow for Dementia Awareness Week 17th - 23rd May.

With sincere thanks to the kindness of Michael Shanly and his company, Sorbon Estates, Dementia Action for Marlow hosted a ‘pop up’ shop for a week. The purpose of the shop was as an Information Hub where we were able to give out pamphlets from many organisations involved with dementia. We were humbled by the number of people who came in and shared their experiences, some people living with dementia and others who are caring. The main message that came through to us is that there are very many people who need much more support, be it emotional or practical. The shop was a great success and resulted in us welcoming more Friends to our support group and also more volunteers.

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