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Christmas Party Lunch

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Friday 17 December, 2021

What a fantastic time we all had at the Christmas Lunch. We missed those of our Friends that were unable to join us but were pleased to be able to deliver Christmas lunch to one or two.

It was a joyous time and we were very lucky to be able to get together in the very airy Pugin Rooms. What with the most delicious lunch prepared by Juliet, John and Jan, and great team effort, some good entertainment, a drink or two and a fabulous raffle it was thoroughly enjoyable. Unfortunately, Chef John and his wife Sue who also helped out, crept away and we didn’t manage to applaud them, so a big thank to John, Sue & Juliet.

Some lovely words from one of our Friends ...

Words can't express our gratitude for all you have done for us this year, culminating in today's WONDERFUL gathering and lunch. It was such a happy occasion and you had all worked so hard to make it so special. The decor, the food, the entertainment and the overall feeling of happiness from everyone there was just so uplifting. I can honestly say that, if we had not found your group, our lives would have been so much harder and greyer (to match the sky) this year. We may not have won a raffle prize, but at least I won some holly (thank you Jan) and can now make something bright to hang on the door in lieu of a wreath!

We wish you all a Christmas full of blessings to match the blessings you give out.

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