People with dementia can experience difficulties with using the toilet. Accidents and incontinence can often cause problems. This can be upsetting for the person and those around them. It is a difficult and sensitive subject to talk about. Every Doctor’s surgery should have an Incontinence Nurse specialist and there are pads and aids available for free.


0161 214 4591

Bladder and Bowel UK

Supporting people with bladder and bowel problems. Leave a message and they will get back to you, or email There are links on the website to the Complete Care Shop making it possible to buy a range of products, or call 0330 053 5930.

BBUK have also launched a free Just Can’t Wait Card which you can apply for. This is recognised by many retail and service organisations, giving access to toilets not normally available to the general public.


Continence Product Advisor

The website provides advice and essential information about products for bowel, bladder and toileting problems. It can help you know what is available. It does not sell or provide products and is independent. 

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Independent Living

Independent Living are a local company who will help, advise and deliver promptly. They offer free guidance on the phone or will visit. [See expanded information under Disability Aids above.]


01494 443933